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Thursday, 27 October 2011


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Is LOCOG really telling us that if are sitting in the sunlight in August for hours, we are limited to 100ml of liquids?
If so, they must really want to make use of their first aid services!

Note that even if you have liquids, they cannot be in "bottles made of glass or other material" - that means bottles made of anything or, in other words, bottles.

Of course, just in case we were just expecting rain, LOCOG has also banned large umbrellas.

Also t-shirts, bags or hats bearing promotional signs or messages which are being used for promotional purposes. This would probably include all the merchandise at the event, as all the logos on them are for promotional purposes.

And lighters are prohibited. That will affect smokers (even if they only smoke off site).

Printed matter bearing religious content should keep out anyone who carries a bible (etc), eg for inspiration (or just to read).

If there is still anyone who is not already excluded from the game, "electronic transmitting equipment" should preclude anyone with a mobile phone. That should get rid of the rest of the potential audience.

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